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(all books edited, illustrated, and/or co-authored by Kristen Caven)

_5418840_origThe Winning Family

This classic positive parenting guide has helped many thousands of adults shift from their fear-based upbringings to love-based interactions with their own children.

“Self-esteem must start with the family. The Winning Family needs to be in every home.”

—Dr. Michele Borba, Big Book of Parenting Solutions

_6105973_origOn the Wings of Self-Esteem

Self-esteem — or the lack of it — dictates how we walk through life. It is the inborn, unconditional feeling of love, security, and well-being that is absolutely crucial to mental health.

“This is a wonderful book!  It contains timeless insights, deep psychological truths presented in a simple yet profound way, and practical exercises you can begin to do today to create the quality of life you desire and deserve.”

—Jack Canfield, author of Chicken Soup for the Soul

Bully Antidote COVER_smThe Bullying Antidote: Superpower Your Kids for Life

Help your children develop the communication skills, self-respect, and self-esteem needed to be confident and resilient in the face of bullying.

As parents, we want our children to succeed—not just academically, but personally. We hope they will make friends and feel secure in themselves and their environment when they are on the playground or in the classroom. The reality is, though, that bullying has reached epidemic proportions in our nation’s schools and communities. When it isn’t addressed, it contributes to higher rates of depression, substance abuse, and suicide among youth.

Many kids simply do not feel safe—and their teachers and parents often have no idea what’s going on. Some parents who know that their children are having difficulty do not know what to do: Are these kids just being kids? Should I tell someone?

In this critical, life-saving book, Hart and Caven give parents the skills they need to prevent their children—whether 6 or 16—from being bullied. The antidote is to equip moms and dads with the tools to raise confident and resilient kids through positive parenting. They provide tips and a course of action for:

  • boosting self-respect, self-care, and self-esteem in your children;
  • teaching your kids how to communicate effectively and assertively;
  • devising an action plan with your children in the event they are bullied; creating a family culture where bullying behavior is not accepted.

Liking Myself
A must-have resource for parents to improve child behavior, low self-esteem, and build emotional literacy, this book helps children (5-11) recognize and manage emotions, even negative ones like anxiety, anger, depression and overwhelm,

“The important message in Liking Myself is for every person of every age and would prevent a lot of psychological disorders and depression in teen and adult life: It is OK and healthy to LIKE YOURSELF. I highly recommend this book as a MUST, not only for your child but also for yourself as a person and parent and for every teen. Everyone needs this book!”
— Bonnie Neely, Amazon reviewer

The Mouse, the Monster and Me
This bestselling book helps develop social skills that can bullyproof youngsters (8+). Youngsters quickly grasp the metaphor and discover and develop their assertive “me” self. Aggressive children learn to get needs met without being “monsters”; passive children (“mice”) find their voices and learn to ask for what they need. It helps both deal with bullies and bullying.“The Mouse, the Monster and Me is a must-have book for every parent and teacher! My children learned how to handle themselves in situations where they feel overwhelmed or enraged. It helped them to see there is a middle ground where they can stand up for themselves, but not be aggressive.”—Janet, Fort Wayne, IN