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Self-Esteem and Assertiveness Books for Children




Liking Myself helps develop self-esteem in children; it also helps them identify and manage their emotions. The Mouse, the Monster and Me teaches assertiveness to youngsters. With these essential and effective skills — such as asking and saying “no” — kids operate outside the reactive bullying culture.


“Respectful assertiveness is an antidote to bullying. It removes youngsters from knee-jerk bullying dynamics. They are neither victims nor bullies.” —The Bullying Antidote


These bestselling books, written by Dr. Pat Palmer, lead children to healthy and safe relationships with themselves and with others.”Liking Myself is an encouraging book and a valuable resource for building  self-esteem and emotional stability. The Mouse, the Monster and Me teaches healthy, non-violent conflict management skills that are more vital than ever in today’s increasingly interdependent society.  These excellent tools for teachers, therapists, and parents are highly recommended.” —Midwest Book Review


“In a time when children are bombarded on all sides by destructive media messages, her books help children understand the value of kindness and caring–including kindness and caring for oneself.  Pat Palmer has the gift of speaking to and for children.” —Riane Eisler, author of The Chalice and The Blade, Tomorrow’s Children, The Partnership Way, The Real Wealth of Nations, and more


“The Mouse, the Monster and Me is a valuable and empowering book.”
—Michele Borba, Ed.D., author of Building Moral Intelligence


“It is not good to be a Mouse and let everyone walk all over you. It is not healthy or wise to be a Monster and attack those who disagree with you. It is wonderful and secure and happy to be ME—non-threateningly assertive in positive ways that encourage others also to be themselves.  If everyone lived by the lessons in this book, there would perhaps be no wars, crime, or divorce! The lessons are that powerful.  Every person any age needs this book. Get it TODAY!” —Bonnie Neely, Amazon Reviewer


“Great books for helping children understand themselves and each other.
Each book is helpful in promoting discussion, understanding, and resolution between monster and mice siblings.” —Sue Patton Thoele, grandmother and author of The Courage To Be Yourself and The Mindful Woman


“These books are a joy to read.  There truly is nothing like them out there these days.” —Tricia Cornell, Minnesota Parent Review


“Liking Myself teaches kids the importance of being true to themselves, feeling free to like the things that like, and how to be confident about themselves. Two thumbs up from me. They are fantastic books!” —Kimberly, SheScribes

“The Mouse, the Monster and Me is a simple, clever, and inspiring book that can help adults who are working toward healing old childhood wounds. I highly recommend  it for everyone—including teachers and therapists!”
—Trina Swerdlow, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, author of Stress Reduction Journal


“I love these  books!  My kids (now grown) still hear me reminding them not to be mice or monsters…, but to just say what is on their minds, as that is most fair to themselves and for others.” —Chris, Colorado 


“‘You know that book about the monster and the mouse, Mom?’ said my son as he smiled into the sun. ‘It’s like it was written just for me. How did the author know I struggle with stuff like this?’  I wiped away a silent tear.
You’re one step closer to you, I whispered inwardly thanking Pat Palmer and Dr. Hart for their efforts to fill my little boy’s heart with all the joy he
deserves.”  —Christine Louise Hohlbaum, author of The Power of Slow

“I bought Liking Myself about 15 years ago when my daughter was 4.  I found it tonight and started to read it.  I’ve been in counseling for codependency and emotional abuse issues and at age 54 find this book AMAZING!   It’s funny, because in my group we just finished talking about all the things you talk about in your book, specifically being your own best friend.  It made a big difference in my life.”  —Dianne

“I wish that I had read The Mouse, the Monster and Me as a child because I used to be the ‘mouse’ being walked on by the ‘people monsters.’ The beauty is that it’s never too late.” —Mama Sparkles Review


“Thanks, grandma. These books help me be a better kid.” —11 year old Andrew


Now also available in Spanish!




“I have used these books for all of my 23 years of elementary counseling classroom lessons, and my copies are tattered beyond repair. They are among the best resources to teach assertiveness and personal skills; students retain the information and refer to them years later.”
—Marilyn Agee, M.Ed., LMHC, Finalist for the National Counselor of the Year Award of the American School Counselor Association


“These books are delightful in their innocence, healthy in their advice, empowering in their message. I wish I’d grown up with them.”
—Senator John Vasconcellos, Emeritus Dean of the California


Legislature”Liking Myself can improve the mind-body connection.  It helps children tune in to the state of their bodies, before the messages get louder or become painful.” —Trina Swerdlow, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist,
author of Stress Reduction Journal


“I have learned a very important thing.  To express your feelings, you must not blame others.  I like myself better now.  I used to lie, but now I don’t.”
—Akiko, student in Japan


“It is OK and healthy to LIKE YOURSELF. It would prevent a lot of psychological disorders and depression in teen and adult life.  This book is a MUST, not only for your child but also for yourself as a person and parent and for every teen.  Everyone needs this book!”  —Bonnie Neely, Amazon Reviewer