With an Ed.D. in the prevention-based field of Community Psychology, Dr. Louise Hart’s presentations deal with matters of the heart, including positive parenting, emotional and social well-being, self-esteem, assertiveness, resilience, and bullying prevention.

For more than 25 years her presentations have inspired and delighted countless audiences nationwide and internationally. Her heartfelt and humorous anecdotes, engaging graphics, and upbeat, guilt-free style create instant rapport with audiences. Watch the video at the right to learn about trust.

Louise’s presentations are ideal for preschool parents,
great for elementary school-age parents, and good for parents,
child-care providers and teachers of all ages.After the publication of their co-authored book in 2013, Louise began doing presentations with her daughter, Kristen Caven.

“Louise is a worldwide healer, change agent, and motivator to help all of usto raise healthy, whole, and unwounded children.”
—Nevin Valentine, Child Development Instructor,
Napa Valley College CA

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Trust is Fundamental.  This video can help you deepen the trust in your family.  It includes two enjoyable exercises that you can do along with the audience.  (The third in the series of eight videos.)

Words are Powerful.  The language parents use has the power to either build self-esteem or to damage it. This video can help you hold others accountable with feedback, rather than with criticism.  (The seventh in a series of eight videos.)


Watch all videos: Improve Self-Esteem in Your Family on YouTube

“I have attended many seminars over the past 27 years and have never enjoyed or been fulfilled as much as I was by this one.”
— Mona