Beyond Bullying

These two workshops with Dr. Hart and Kristen Caven address several widespread myths that contribute to the bullying epidemic. They expose mainstream child-rearing practices that are linked to bullying; without knowing it, without intending it, parents may support bad behavior.

Parents have the greatest influence on children’s attitudes, values, and behavior.
Parents can learn how to exercise positive authority without being mean. They can learn to give children room to be themselves without being overly permissive. Without clear limits and positive communication, kids get away with rudeness and disrespect, and create trouble — but without love and support, they are vulnerable to peer pressure.

These presentations teach parents how to use positive parenting principles to raise youngsters who are neither victims of bullying nor perpetrators.  Based on her new book,The Bullying Antidote, they include instruction on teaching assertiveness, building emotional intelligence, and managing technology.

These pro-social and assertiveness skills improve relationships and academic performance, and help children more effectively handle all of life’s challenges.