Quotes About Louise

“Louise’s presentations are informative, uplifting, wonderful!”
—Lola Cornish, Community Resources for Children, Napa CA

“Louise is right on target for young families.  She helps parents see what they’re not doing right, without shame or blame or finger pointing.  A very powerful presentation.”

—Imelda Acosta, Director of the Hacienda Child Development Center, Pleasanton CA

“This is the best thing that has ever happened in my life.”
— Donna Hamilton, Child Development Program, Vance Air Force Base OK

“Dr. Hart’s  message  was right on target for the  four hundred plus teachers attending.  What an awesome task it is to  craft a keynote that will touch that many people from various disciplines!  She did it masterfully.”
—David McCune, Enid Public Schools, Enid OK

“Her presentations left us inspired with a  determination and commitment to use the information from with our clients, families, and in our daily lives.”
—Carolyn M. Custard, Family Advocacy Program, Camp Zama, Japan

“The presentation was absolutely marvelous.
Dr. Hart brings out the best in all of us.”
— Teacher, TX

“Brain research validates what Louise has been teaching for decades!”
—Nevin Valentine, Child Development Specialist, Napa Valley College

“Wonderful, inspiring presentations.  We continue to receive ‘Kudos’ for bringing Louise back.  We hope to work with her again soon.”
—Donna Sawyers, Director of Marketing, Charter Terre Haute IN

The Grand Finale — the “Weather Report” — loved by everyone!
“Outstanding! This program has truly helped me realize there is hope.”
— Intensive Case Manager, IN

“People love listening to her. She’s terrific!”
— Elaine Moskow, Charter Behavioral Healthy System,
Thousand Oaks CA

“It’s always easy to feel intimidated before taking a parenting class, but Louise made us feel right at home.  There is so much to learn it can seem overwhelming, but she made it seem simple and easy to remember.  She combines wit with wisdom in her presentation.” 
— Libby Comeaux, attorney, Denver CO

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Quotes By Louise

“Follow the Golden Rule of Parenting: do unto your children as you wish your parents had done unto you.”
“The best thing to spend on your children is your time.”
“Knowing what you want is the first step towards getting it.”

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About Her Books

“The Bullying Antidote exposes the often unspoken truth: Bullies aren’t born bullies; their behavior has a valid cause that can be prevented and reversed. Hart and Caven give clear insight into ways to prevent what leads to bullying as well as how to respond in ways that heal and connect.”

— Naomi Aldort, author of Raising Our Children, Raising Ourselves

“This is the best self-esteem book on the market.
I have had at least 35 clients use this book.  Every single one has loved it!  They have found it to be practical and useful in helping them overcome poor self-esteem when they didn’t get this foundation in childhood.” 
—Ginger Leeanne Gray, Therapist, San Antonio TX
“As a parent educator for 28 years I have read every parenting book available. This is still the best book there is!  It is the number one book I recommend to families.

“I continue to use it a the textbook for my Napa Valley College parenting class.  The students absolutely love it!  Each week there are deep discussions about the concepts in the book.

“The excitement and healing and shifts in perception—from fear based parenting to love based parenting—are being made!   It has changed so many lives.”

— Nevin Valentine, Napa Valley College CA